College of Oral Medicine

College and Schools

 The College of Oral Medicine of Chung Shan Medical University in Taichung, Taiwan consists of Graduate School of Dentistry and Institute of Oral Sciences. Both Graduate Institutes offer master and doctoral programs.

Graduate School

To encourage international applications, certain scholarships are available to qualified international students. In order to fulfill the goal of learning for life, we offer “in-position training” opportunities for practicing clinicians. Application to our graduate institutes is open to Taiwan and international university graduates. Courses are given in Chinese and English when international students attend classes.


Master degree programs require two to four years’ commitment. In addition to basic dentistry-related courses, the curriculum of the master degree programs includes clinical training in a specialty field. The doctoral program of the Graduate School of Dentistry and Institute of Oral Sciences includes from three to eight years of study, internship and practice. The goal of the PhD program is to cultivate research and teaching personnel.

School of Dent

Graduate School of Dent Institute of Oral Bio