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School Of Dentistry

School Of Dentistry

Starting as a dental college in 1960, our school, after thirty eight years of struggle and perseverance under the leadership of Chairman of the board of trustee Dr. Ju-chuan Chou and Dr. Pu Chang, has progressed into a well-established medical and dental college with graduates spreading across the country. The alumni of the School of Dentistry are either in practice to serve the  
local communities or stay in the academic community to nourish the next generation of fine dentists. Some pursue after advanced study to seek higher degree or specialty training. Our alumni also give outstanding performance in their respective pursuit.

School of Dentistry


The objective of dental education is to educate and to cultivate dentists who excel in both professional capability and ethics, and nourish highly qualified faculty in dental education and scientists capable of furthering dental research, to bring fresh vigor into dentistry and serve the society as a whole.
Major Curriculums
The first three years of the curriculums entail basic education that emphasizes physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, anatomy, histology, embryology, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, oral anatomy, dental morphology, oral pathology, oral histology, oral embryology, dental material, and dental public health. From the fourth to the fifth years, focuses are on clinical courses, including, operative dentistry, fixed prosthodontics, removable prosthodontics, endodontics, dental radiology, oral surgery, exodontia, pedodontics and orthodontics. Required and elective general education courses are spread out in the 1st year through the fifth year curriculums. The sixth year comprises of internship.
Features and Future Development
Our curriculums feature equal emphasis on academic study and clinical training with different focus disciplines planned for each stage of training. We offer Introduction to Dentistry in the first year and Career Planning in the second year so students can gain some insight from our faculty and outstanding alumni about what they might want to pursue after in the future. In the fourth year, we offer Dental Research Method; it is the only course of its kind in dental schools around country to introduce students to the most advanced methods in basic and clinical research. Our other feature courses include cell biology, molecular and dental material laboratory. In terms of clinical training, we are equipped with the most complete KAVO patient simulation workbench, lab workbench and equipments to fully prepare the students before they start clinical training. We have established sister relations with the dental school of Harvard University in the United States, oral medicine department of Hubei Medical College in China and the dental school of University of Alabama, Birmingham. We have also set up the oral medicine and dental material graduate programs. A dental center is in the planning that is scheduled to operate in 5 – 7 years. After completing the dental curriculums offered by the school, all our graduates have the options to go into practice, undertake basic research or pursue after advanced study, doing whatever that suits them best.
Our faculty are assigned the double duty to do clinical work in school hospital and guide the students in classroom and laboratory, so students are instructed by teachers with practical experiences to render their learning more effective.
The school is equipped with altogether ten classrooms and laboratories for our students and two sets of the most advanced dental workbench, 62 units of KAVO lab workbench and 64 units of patient simulation workbench that can accommodate simultaneously students from four different classes. We also have the newest, most precise high-speed and low-speed handpiece, oven, casting machine and polymerization machine that are on a par with dental school in advanced nations both interns of quantity and quality.
The school has up research labs for different purposes. The focus and most important of our endeavors for the time being are our molecular biology research lab that advances the interrelations of dentistry and molecular biology to a new level . It is a collaboration between our school and the Harvard University. We also have dental ,material and cell biology research labs set up and preside over by foreign-trained researchers. It is worth noting that with the establishment of oral medicine and dental material research institutes, Chung Shan School of Dental marches a brand new horizon with equal emphasis on teaching, clinical training and research.
Dental Clinic
Our dental clinic has three sections; the first and second clinics come with oral diagnosis, endodontics, operative dentistry, prosthodontics, pedodontics and orthodontics, the third clinic offers oral surgery and periodontics. We also have a branch clinic outside hospital compound to serve the Ho Tsuo Community. The clinics are outfitted with over fifty sets of brand new dental operatory, X-ray machines and panorax. Each department is staffed with specialists, providing guidance to residents and interns. Our clinic has become the supporting hospital in central Taiwan where other clinics or hospitals refer their difficult cases. Our clinic for the handicapped set up inside Taichung Municipal Rehabilitation Hospital is the pioneer in central Taiwan.


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