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Institute Of Oral Sciences

Institute of Oral Biology

Established in 1997, the Institute of Oral Sciences was formerly known as the Institute of Dental Materials Science. The goal of the Institute is to cultivate scholars who are interested in research and development of dentistry-related biomedical materials. 

Graduate Institute

The research focus of our Institute is on the improvement and development of dental materials in every dental specialty. In an effort to transform our Institute into an R & D center for oral biomedical materials, our present faculty includes not only dentists, but also experts with materials science and biomedical research backgrounds; therefore, applicants to the Institute should be dentists, those with a medical background, or those in materials science. Graduate students are encouraged to take courses emphasizing basic sciences and biocompatibility of dental materials with the ultimate goal of developing human oral biomaterials. All graduate students with a dentistry background are required to take clinical training in a specialty field and will be given a certificate of specialty training upon completion. These students will continue their training in dentistry while studying in the graduate institute.

All faculty of our Institute have research grants from the National Science Council. The grants are more than sufficient to support every graduate student. Our program focuses on metal materials, such as Ti alloy corrosion in clinical application, Ca(OH) 2 and glass ionomer clinical application, improvement of metal embedded materials, root canal and apical filling materials and rotary equipment, and the development of polylactic acid material and its clinical application. Recently, we have placed more emphasis on developing a research proposal combining the basis of materials science and biomedicine along with electrical engineering knowledge and skills to develop and improve oral biomaterials. Our goal is to improve the design of dental therapy units for better function.  
The long term objective of our Institute, besides teaching and research, is to establish exchanges among graduate institutes so students have the opportunity to receive a comprehensive education.The College of Oral Medicine,Chung Shan Medical University welcomes students from Taiwan and other countries to join our graduate study. We also encourage other universities, colleges and institutes to participate in academic exchanges. 


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