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The Admission to CSMU for International Students

The Oral Medical College, CSMU, provides quality support and service for international undergraduate or graduate students. The Bachelor degree is DDS(Doctor of Dental Surgery) as well as Master and Ph.D. Besides, there are Master and Ph.D grograms at the institute of Oral Biology and Biomaterial Science.


Who is an International student?

International students are those who don't possess R.O.C. (Taiwanese) nationality, neither do parents.


How to Apply?

International students should download the paper application form from CSMU web site, fill in, print and mail to the Office of Academic Affair with other requested documentation. Please take a reference as the following linkage.


When to Apply?

The deadline is arround March per year and the admission is in Fall each academic year.


About CSMU

Visit http://english.csmu.edu.tw/ and explore all information while you're attending CSMU.


下載簡章 Admission Guide

98學年度入學簡章 The application guide for the academic year 98

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