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Digital Simulation Center
Digital Dental Simulation Center


Simodont VR
The School of Dentistry has been leading the trend of digital dentistry since 2017, actively planning and building a dental simulator learning center. This center includes 4 different sections: 
(1) HTC VIVE virtual reality apparatus and oral surgery, anatomy-related VR lessons   
(2) Intraoral Scanner, 3shape Dental system, and their respective computing devices
(3) Simodont Dental Trainer
(4) Kobra Oral Surgery Simulator

The Digital Simulation Center is situated in the former D03 lecture room, which used to be a lab for the D2 student’s dental anatomy class. For lack of space in our department, we have merged the D2 lab with the D3 lab on the 4th floor of our building. Thanks to the help of everyone, the foundation of the Learning Center has been completed, and the different devices have been tested at the beginning of 2019. The HTC VIVE virtual reality apparatus will be the first to be imported into our learning center, followed by the Intraoral Scanner, 3shape Dental system, and their respective computing devices. Afterward, the Simodont Dental Trainer arrived at the end of March 2019. Last but not least, the Digital Simulation Center has been completed with the Kobra Oral Surgery Simulator in May 2019, thus marking a new milestone of Digital Dentistry for Chung Shan Medical University, college of Oral Medicine, School of Dentistry. In the meantime, we have been working on new innovative curriculum in Digital Dentistry.